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Our Parenting Journey: Then & Now

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, I want to share more about my family’s journey with autism and how my sons’ diagnoses led to the beginning of Thriving on the Spectrum. I have come a long way since my boys received their diagnoses, since we started seeing signs, and since we started reaching out for the help they needed. I wasn’t always the proud autism momma that I am now, but I’m glad that I get to share this journey with you — hopefully the video below can encourage hard conversations and remind you that every person’s experience with autism is different. Even between my boys, their experiences with autism are their own — they have their own unique journeys, and we are continuing to learn how to best help them individually and together as a family!

The video below is a candid conversation between myself and my husband, Zack, about our journey parenting children with autism. I hope you enjoy watching and feel encouraged to share your own story with us or with your friends and family: we are so thankful for our growing tribe that has been and will continue to support us as we continue navigating our journey.

Click here to watch on our TOTS TV YouTube channel, or watch below

Thrivingly yours,

Tracey & Zack Hawkins

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