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The Preferred Method


Visual planning is not a new concept. Have you ever heard someone say, “I am a visual person”? That’s because more than half the population are visual learners. Many people need visuals to fully understand information — not just neurodiverse people. 

However, the understanding that certain people require visual planning to thrive is a newer concept in our society. In good news, the world seems to be finally catching up with the idea that there are numerous ways to learn and that we need to be mindful of a person’s preferred method.



It’s time to embrace the person you are and learn how to use what makes you different to your advantage. 

Whether you were diagnosed as a child or an adult, you probably have come to realize you work a little differently than others. You have also probably learned how to manage, but wouldn’t it be great if you could excel with ease? 

You don’t have to change who you are. Instead, with the THRIVE app, your uniqueness is complemented and enhanced. You obtain the features you need to get ahead and take control.

For adults, visual planning has shown to help:
• Improve time management and organization.
• Provide a consistent structure to your daily routine. 
• Develop healthier, more beneficial habits.
• Gain predictability and  reduce anxiety and frustration. 
• Create important reminders to regulate emotions. 



Depending on your child’s diagnosis, you probably have been searching for resources to help your child thrive not just in their day but in their life. Many parents use physical visual assistants, like flashcards, to aid their child. However, as they age, migrating to something more practical and easier to use for daily routines becomes vital. Even if your child is not neurodivergent, visual learning has been shown to help kids better prepare, retain more information, and provide needed structure. 

For neurodiverse children visual planning is beneficial because it:

• Creates a personalized experience. 
• Improve understanding.
• Encourages independence. 
• Builds confidence.
• Aides in transitioning between activities.
• Develop new skills.
• Reduce dependency on caregivers.
• Regulate emotions and lessen frustration.

Made for



THRIVE was created because it’s time we embrace and celebrate each other — and ourselves — for our differences.

The THRIVE app supports neurodivergent people by providing a way to plan their day the way that works best for them. We also understand your emotional state is imperative for a healthy life, which is why, unlike other planning apps, we provide resources to help with regulation when you need it most.

Discover how to thrive.

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