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Check out Tracey Hawkins (CEO/Founder of Thriving on the Spectrum) and her family sharing their autism story in a national advertising campaign featured on CNN and HLN.

I Thrive


My journey to thrive began when my two-year old son James Preston began experiencing speech delays coupled with changed behavior. After multiple rounds of consultations and assessments, we finally found answers when he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Little did we know that our lives would change forever when our youngest son, Adam, received the same diagnosis just seven months later.

We integrated therapeutic aids, including toys and visual schedule notebooks, into our daily routine. James Preston was adamant about not wanting to carry these tools with him in public, but he needed them as he transitioned into Pre-K. Like many neurodivergent people he has difficulty focusing and is prone to overstimulation, which can result in hyperactivity and frustration turned meltdown.

We needed a solution that would help us plan his day, support his emotional regulation needs, and could also connect with his caregivers. My husband and I spent countless hours researching apps and programs but we struggled to find anything on the market that could meet all those requirements.

Frustrated and wanting to help my boys, I was a mom on a mission turned tech entrepreneur, and thus, THRIVE was born! The THRIVE app is everything we needed within an accessible, easy-to-use app. It’s a customizable solution that encourages users to develop structure, emotion regulation, and time management skills, THRIVE is changing how neurodiverse individuals — and anyone who could benefit from a visual planning — approach their day-to-day lives.




My dream is for my children to live happy, fulfilling lives with the ability to thrive in any environment. This dream is what turned my journey into a mission.]

At THRIVE we strive to help every person that struggles within the workings of our current system. We know all brains are different and that is a wonderful thing. But for far too long we only catered to one type of learning, processing, and acting — what was considered "typical" or "normal."

THRIVE creates a level playing field. It's time every single person had the tools they need to manage their appointments, days, and lives with the same confidence as nuerotypical people.

Everyone deserves a chance to thrive.

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