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THRIVE App Update (July)

We are just a few weeks away from the beginning of beta testing for Phase 1 of the THRIVE app!! Phase 1 will include the first two features of THRIVE: the visual schedule and self-regulation toolbox.

With wonderful feedback from our focus group over the past few weeks, we are confident that you will love THRIVE just as much as we do! Our goal is to help you and your loved ones have easy and accessible resources at your fingertips.

  • The visual schedule feature will help your loved ones keep track of their daily schedules, know what’s for dinner, and know when they need to complete certain activities through the day — all customized by you, based on their daily schedule.

  • The self-regulation feature will provide a toolbox of self-regulation strategies for you to choose from (or upload and customize) for your loved ones. With the self-regulation feature, the THRIVE user will be reminded to regulate their emotions through different strategies.

We are so excited and thankful to each of you for your continued support of the THRIVE app, and we can’t wait for you to have access to the app! If you are interested in joining our Beta Buddy program and helping test Phase 1 of the app, please click here for more information.

Read below for a few additional details of things you will need to access the THRIVE app, as well as some informational resources in helping to pick the Apple Watch that is best for your loved one. Remember, the THRIVE app will be accessible on Apple Watches series 3 and higher! 

Devices Needed

  • Desktops, laptops, and tablets that can access the safari and chrome browsers

  • Apple Watch, Series 3 or higher

Personal Choice: Apple Watch SE with Family Setup

We purchased the Apple Watch SE for our boys because of Apple’s Family Setup update. The Apple Watch SE brings communication, health, fitness, and safety features of the Apple Watch to kids who do not have an iPhone. For the first time, the Apple Watch can be set up through a parent’s iPhone, so kids can stay motivated with personalized activity schedules and goal. 


Compatible Browsers

The THRIVE web application will support the following browsers, so please be sure to use these browsers as you begin testing the application. 

  • Google Chrome (latest version) 

  • Safari (latest version) 

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