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A Fundraising Update & Huge Thank You

Updated: May 17

A Note From Tracey:

We have some exciting news to share with you as we round out 2020... Phase 1 of the THRIVE App can officially begin development!!!! Cue the music, champagne, happy dances, and tears of joy.

At the end of 2020, we received our largest investment, from an angel investor who is also a fellow autism parent! Throughout the year, our team has been working tirelessly to raise funds for THRIVE and provide helpful content for each of you. I am so excited to share that all of the meetings with investors have paid off, and we will officially begin development of THRIVE in the beginning of 2021!!!

We will continue our fundraising efforts in order to fully fund and finance this first phase of app development, but in the meantime, we can celebrate a huge accomplishment and strong end to the year.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your messages of encouragement, endless support, and generous donations this year. It means so much to me, my family, the THRIVE team, and everyone THRIVE will reach in the future.

Whether you've been here since Day 1, Year 1, or just learned about us yesterday, thank you for being here. I cannot wait to see what 2021 has in store for THRIVE.

Farewell 2020, and Hello 2021. Happy New Year!

Thrivingly Yours,



Tools & Resources

As we enter the first phase of development for THRIVE, we are excited to continue providing content for all of our autism families and caregivers out there. We will share tools and resources on our blog, in our newsletter, and on social media. We will also provide updates about development through social media and email, so be sure to follow our accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and sign up for our monthly newsletter!


Once phase 1 is nearly complete, we will share information about downloads and how you can be among the first to use THRIVE (hint: we’ll be searching for beta testers in the coming months). If you are interested in the app, providing feedback, or have any questions, you can contact us on our website or through social media.


As you can see above, we are SO EXCITED to have reached our first fundraising goal to begin development of phase 1!!!! We will continue to raise money for future phases and to cover the costs of our business, so please share Thriving on the Spectrum with your friends, family, colleagues, and especially those who could benefit from THRIVE. If you are able, you can make a donation through our Shop page, our IFundWomen campaign, or by mail.

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