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THRIVE App Features: Phase 1

Phase 1 of the THRIVE app (which is currently under development!), will provide 2 of the 4 main features: Self-Regulation & Visual Schedule. After speaking with many of you and hearing your feedback over the last year, we found that the Self-Regulation and Visual Schedule features are the two that you are most excited to implement in your daily lives. Below, you’ll find information about each feature.



ASD is associated with amplified emotional responses and poor emotional control. To help individuals with ASD begin learning how to regulate their emotions and provide them with functional methodologies to becoming more aware of their emotions and understanding the physiological cues that correspond to the emotions. The hope is that the child will begin to recognize when they are becoming less regulated and able to eventually independently manage their feelings back to a more regulated (less stressed, frustrated, etc.) emotion.

The Self-Regulation feature guides the parent/guardian to customize the child’s emotional regulated practice that would then be triggered at set times during the day or accessed by the individual when they feel stressed. 

  • A parent/guardian can input a list of 3-5 practices or choose from the list of most commonly used practices i.e., deep belly breaths, take a walk, do jumping jacks, count to 10, walk away, etc.). Some of the self-regulation strategies that we recommend can be found here.

  • A parent/guardian/teacher/therapists can schedule times throughout the day to remind the individual to participate in an emotion-regulated practice.

  • As the child realizes their heart rate is beginning to increase, they can find an emotion-regulated practices to begin.

For more information about Developing Self-Regulation Behaviors, read occupational therapist Mary Hart MacLeod’s piece here.


Many people with ASD are visual thinkers and can process information better when they are looking at pictures or words to help them visualize information. Digital graphics are able to capture and maintain one’s attention. Children can learn to move from one

activity to another using the schedule rather than relying on someone else to lead them or verbally prompt them to the next activity. 

The customizable daily schedule on THRIVE will allow parents and caregivers to:

  • Schedule task and activities for their child.

  • Choose from an icon library or upload a personal image that aligns with the task.

Utilizing the Visual Schedule on the THRIVE app will allow parents, caregivers, and children to plan out their days and weeks to help notify them when a new task or event needs to be completed.


Phase 1 of THRIVE will be a great introduction to all that THRIVE will offer in the future. Launching THRIVE with the Self-Regulation & Visual Schedule features will benefit app users — parents, children, and caregivers alike — and help individuals on the spectrum thrive. If you want to learn more about the other features that THRIVE has to offer, please visit the THRIVE App tab on our website.


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